Deciding on the right logo colours isn’t about simply choosing your favourite or picking a colour out of a hat. Logo colours send hidden messages to potential customers, influencing their brand loyalty and decision making. Get to know the meanings of various logo colours and why they’re used by different companies in their corporate branding.

Blue Logo Designs

You only have to brainstorm for 30 seconds to come up with a long list of major companies with blue logo design. It’s especially popular in social media corporate branding – think Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype. The same goes for tech in general, from Samsung, Dell and HP to Windows 8, Intel and Philips. So, what’s the attraction? Well, blue is associated with calm, serenity, reliability, constancy and productivity.

Red Logo Designs

If you want to boost a potential customer’s heart rate, make them hungry or encourage an impulse buy make red your logo colour of choice. Its most famous application is, of course, the Coca Cola logo. Beyond that, it’s popular with media companies, such as Netflix, YouTube, CNN and Time. It is also popular with large retail stores, like Target, KMart and H&M. You’ll also notice that it’s frequently used for sales ads.

Yellow Logo Designs

Yellow, the colour of the sun, is unmissable, as demonstrated by McDonald’s mighty golden arches. But, it does more than just stand out. Yellow also evokes feelings of happiness, warmth, youth and fun. In corporate logo design, it is usually used in combination with another colour, often black or red. Other high profile businesses that use yellow in corporate branding are CAT equipment, Shell Energy and Hertz.

Orange Logo Designs

Orange suggests confidence, friendliness, innovation and spontaneity. It can helpful in inspiring calls to action, like signing up to a newsletter or making an impulse purchase. Orange dominates the logo design of Nickelodeon, Fanta and TNT. It’s also an important part of Amazon’s and Harley Davidson’s logo designs.

Green Logo Designs

To associate your brand design with relaxation, wellbeing, nature or wealth … add green. It’s worked for popular beers, like Carlsberg and Heineken, as well as particularly successful food brands like Starbucks, and Woolworths. BP’s (British Petroleum) logo design is made up of two shades of green, yellow and white.

Purple Logo Designs

Purple evokes mystique, imagination and royalty. It’s less popular than the other colours on this list, but is, nonetheless, the logo design colour of three chocolate brands: Cadbury, Milka and Wonka. It’s also used in two shades and contrasted with yellow in Taco Bell’s logo. Purple is also associated with many women’s organisations.

Choose the right logo colours for your target market

What colours best represents your brand’s corporate identity?

Think of your target market and what they look for in a business that offers your services or products. If your customers are mainly to men, you’d probably want to avoid pinks and purples (feminine colours). If your client base is conservative or is involved in the rural sector, then brown and blue logo colours will likely work better than vivid reds and yellows.

The meaning of a colour is not set in concrete. Things like nationality and fashion trends also play a part in your decision of what logo colours to use. Just keep them in mind when making your decision on what colours will attract your type of customer.