Case Studies

Central Highlands Regional Council

Central Highlands Regional Council developed a comprehensive plan for their region and asked us to design the primary booklet. We also designed various supporting documents and developed logos and graphics for publication over the last four years.

Regional Development Australia – Fitzroy and Central West

Creative Avenue designed and developed the main branding for RDAFCW and produces ongoing branding for specific projects such as Investment Brochures, the NQ Strategy and the Growing CQ project.

Ergon Energy

Creative Avenue has been working with Ergon Energy (formerly Capelec) since 1999. They have different branding specifications for different areas of their business. Because of this the graphic design we produce must conform to their exacting standards.

Livingstone Shire Council

Creative Avenue has been working with Livingstone Shire Council since 2002. The work is diverse with many different types of projects and branding. Over time things have changed dramatically and so has the work we do for them.

Rockhampton Regional Council

Creative Avenue has worked with the Rockhampton Regional Council since 1999. Currently we assist with project branding and assist their in-house design team. The scope of our work for them is diverse, challenging and rewarding.

Anglicare Strategic Plan
Anglicare Central Queensland

Creative Avenue rebranded the Central Queensland division of Anglicare mid 2016 using a clean uncluttered look on white. The existing logo was recognised by clients and stakeholders so the new look needed to complement this.

Koorana Crocodile Farm

Creative Avenue designed a logo for Koorana almost two decades ago. The logo needed to be able to emboss well in crocodile leather and metal. Since then we have designed various items for use both in Australia and around the world.